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"While Lafayette, Louisiana, is known as a hotbed of Cajun cooking, it may soon be known as the home of Burgundy L. Olivier, the ultimate spinach connoisseur and driver of the ‘Spinach Mobile’."

- Southern Living Magazine

"An absolute MUST for the spinach lover."

- Michael R. Parr, Certified Executive Chef,
American Culinary Federation – New Orleans LA

"I highly recommend ordering this book…"

- Steven G. Pratt M.D., F.A.C.S.
La Jolla CA

"Look no farther than the I LOVE SPINACH cookbook."

- Scripps-Howard News Service

"…you’re going to love this cookbook."

- Acadiana Profile Magazine

"I’m so glad this book came along…I encourage you to get I LOVE SPINACH because of the value of lutein."

- Kate Kitchen Public Relations,
Greensboro NC

"…Olivier masterfully and inventively guides cooks through 288 pages of splendid recipes and reading…a must-have for all spinach fans."

- The Kitchen Scientist
Middletown OH

"If everyone had a copy of I LOVE SPINACH the world would be a healthier, happy place! Burgundy Olivier truly IS the Queen of Spinach!"

- Guy Bower, Radio Host
"The Good Life", Wichita KS

"When I want to cook with a trusted friend and at the same time, have fun...I pick up Burgundy's I LOVE SPINACH cookbook and get started!"

- Alexis Quiring, San Francisco CA
Events Coordinator, "Louisiana Home, Garden & Lifestyle Shows"

"The I LOVE SPINACH cookbook should be given to every person with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) so they can enjoy getting critical lutein into their diets."

- Judi Delgado, Director
Macular Degeneration Partnership, Los Angeles CA